Lasandar in English

The Center Lasandar was established with the initiative of Sayar Yang , a former Burmese Buddhist monk, who offers education close to that available in Asia. These arts and disciplines are the basis of his teachings, giving practitioners, or those simply curious, an opportunity to broaden their horizons and improve in these ancient arts.

In our facility, disciplines such as Burmese Martial Arts, Multi-Martial Art, Meditation, Massage, Gym Fitness, Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong are offered. The center provides a relaxed quality education, tailored to your needs in the field of well-being, self-defense and re-centering of the body. Thus, your welfare will be taken care of in the form of meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga. As for explosive energy sports, these will be available with Gym-Martial Arts and Dance courses.

Meditation and Buddhist Philosophy target the elimination of suffering. Meditation brings peace and serenity and helps maintain good physical and mental health. It is also the perfect way to observe the deeper layers of our mind, to the roots of consciousness.

Qi Gong focuses on body posture, breathing and the mind, for use in search of Qi (Chi) which is the vital energy within the body and beyond.

Burmese martial arts, with its technical research and development in combat, to use all natural and traditional weapons.

The Multi-Martial Art is a mixture of Bando, Kung fu, Boxing, Self Defense

Tai Chi combines slow, internal/external expression and energy management. It is a practice developing the science of combat and meditation in action.

Gym-Martial Arts maintains the health of the body develops flexibility and tones the muscles in order to practice Martial Arts and Combat sports. It improves concentration and boosts in energy.

Yoga helps to improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins, promote healing and prevent injury. It strengthens and relaxes the body through postural sequences in rhythm with the breath. This practice refines self-awareness and provides a balanced body.

Burmese Energetic Massage (BURMESE ANEIP PINGNA) improves health, reduces physical pain and provides relief for Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Back pain, Sciatica, Lumbago, Strains, Sprains, Migraines, Digestive Disorders, Sleeping problems, etc… Seminars, courses, training and conferences in various fields will be offered throughout the year.

In addition to our annual courses, we offer initiation courses, conferences and travel, which will be held in France and Asia. Collaborations will also be in place with schools and centers abroad that will have links with practitioners and teachers from different backgrounds, creating an opportunity to meet and share cultures and views, this training and exchange of ideas will help advance all.

The Center includes various activities as well as sports, cultural and well-being. In addition, a Tea room welcomes you to relax. The center will soon work with voluntary donations and profits from the sales of the book « Revolution of the Monks ».                                                                     

For the moment, the Centre runs on course subscriptions to pay its business costs.We will try to publish all of Yann’s literatures, this will help fund and open a further relaxation center in Burma or Asia, this will be for internships or training and retirement well-being in an exotic country, the new center will provide partnerships with monks and Asian and European instructors.

The center is open from Monday to Saturday.


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